QOTW: What’s Your Worst Gaming Experience?

We’ve all been there. We’ve either purchased a game we’ve waited years for only to be sorely disappointed or we tried playing a multiplayer game with an overly aggressive and angry individual that destroyed any essence of fun. Whatever the case or cases may be, we’ve had unfortunate times in our gaming history, but which one was the worst?

Now, I know this is a subjective question. By gaming experience, I quite literally mean any experience involving gaming. You don’t even have to be the one playing the game. Maybe you saw a friend throw his controller through his TV because he was struggling to get that final high score in Peggle. Maybe your worst gaming experience was having to watch your friend play Peggle. Who knows? All that matters is that it qualifies by being a video game experience. No board games this time around.

Seriously. Look what they did to the fucking unicorn.

For me, it’s too hard to call. It’s not that there’s so many for me to choose from, it’s just that they are all about equal levels of shitty. I’ve had games spoiled for me, I’ve had people act like jackasses when I was trying to play seriously in co-op and I’ve even had times where things nearly got violent. I find it hard to pick just one. I’ve reached this point that unless someone repeatedly punches me in the face while I’m playing a game I’ve waited 10 years for while telling me in painful detail how the main character dies in the last level, I probably won’t be too phased by anything.

So what about you? What was your worst gaming experience?

6 thoughts on “QOTW: What’s Your Worst Gaming Experience?

  1. Time for controversial opinion: Nintendo Switch. I was expected Nintendo to step away from the cartoon casual gaming scene with this console – with Skyrim on its way I was really hoping for some more mature titles on the system.


    1. I find it a little strange that you consider the Nintendo Switch your worst gaming experience ever considering it has only been out for just under three months. I feel like that’s not enough time to just completely dismiss a system.

      Personally, I don’t think it’s just for casual gamers. Of course they have that because it’s Nintendo, but they’ve announced a new game by Suda51 and his games are almost always raunchy and mature, they have Skyrim like you said and they also have a new SMT game from Atlus. I think E3 will show us just what direction they’re really going in.

      Either way, sorry you aren’t enjoying the system more! Hope that changes!


  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dust_514
    Dust 514 – back in a day all eve players were expecting to play it. But it was only released on console. The outrage…
    Rip Dust.

    A very fresh experience was with Black desert online EU and NA release. The dust about that release was not settled yet.
    The main reason about the bad experience was about regions. BDO was released on EU treated Estonian, Latvian And Lithuanian players as part russia. Eg. All Baltic states could play in russian server – wich is Free to play but restricted to russian language. That means by the current laws in russia when interacting with BDO.ru you have to translate your problems into the russian language. As citizen of EU it was infuriating to get treated by EU reseller as foreign country customer – and its not even their fault. Korean Game developer probably does not see difference between former russian states and half of europe from his perspective.

    Yes there was option to cover your trails and still buy a game from EU reseller, but by doing that it will only lead to problems when you actually trying to get tech support in case of problems. Eventually your location still matters in that case.

    Hopefully long waited steam release brings solution to that sort of problems.


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