Initial Take: Love Tyrant

Heart. Absurdity. Chaos. These are the words I would choose to describe the brand-new comedy anime Love Tyrant. While most shows spend their first episode slathering everything with so much forced exposition it can feel like you’re drowning slowly in molasses, Love Tyrant bucks the trend by simply not caring. Each piece of information about the characters or answers to questions are absolutely ridiculous. It makes for a very entertaining watch on top of an already interesting premise: what happens when a girl comes to your door and tells you that if you don’t kiss death will come? How does one react to such an absurd statement? Hilariously apparently. Unfortunately, the premise itself spoils a lot of good jokes so I won’t go too far into some areas, I’ll just dance around most of the subjects.


What makes this show so hysterical is not just the bizarre and unrealistic situations the characters get themselves into, but the characters themselves. Everyone except for the main character is insane. Aino Seiji, is an ordinary high school student who goes against a lot of the tropes you see with main characters in harem type shows. He’s handsome, smart, he’s kind, he acts on his impulses instead of just mulling them over until it’s too late and most importantly, he’s the sound of reason. He’s just an all-around good guy, not too weird, not too bland. His partner in crime however, the mysterious girl Guri who shows up at his doorstep, is another story. She suffers from a lack of a filter, lack of self-control and honestly, in some areas, just a general lack of intelligence and maturity. She’s like a baby sister that never was disciplined by her siblings or parents. She does what she wants and gets what she wants with no consequence. Thankfully, this works in the show’s favor as it plays very well with the crazy situations that unfold and the aspects of the other characters such as Akane Hiyama, Seiji’s crush who excels at everything she does, even when those things are less than savory or kind.


Love Tyrant is a hard anime to describe without spoiling. With each moment being filled with jokes, twists and romance, I can safely confirm after watching the first two episodes that this will be the comedy of the season.

Verdict: Beyond Expectations And Highly Optimistic

Love Tyrant can be watched on Crunchyroll.


Written by G. S. Martin